v0.1.10 - Network Smoothing Factor

The Network Smoothing Factor (NSF) allows you to control the interpolation speed of the physical state of the helicopter (location, rotation, velocity, etc). If you are experiencing some visual artifacts due to lag, try to adjust a higher smoothing factor in order to produce smoother movements.

Higher NSF means smoother movements but it may introduce some issues in hit registration. Lower NSF has better hit registration, however, in poor connections, visual artifacts like jittering and teleporting may appear. Zero value will turn this feature off, e.g., no NSF at all. Data from the server will be added to yours as soon as possible.

In the linked video above clients were receiving data in only 5 times per second. In normal situations you will be playing on servers of 30hz, 60hz or even higher tick rates. Nevertheless, for a better gaming experience try to adjust it to achieve a reasonable trade-off between movements and hit registration.


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Jan 07, 2018

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